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. voters will have to decide on a tax measure this november ballot to fund the project that would start in 2016. today's meeting starts at 4:00 at jackson elementary school in morgan hill. >>> a major earthquake on the other side of the globe could trigger the bay area's two biggest faults, the hayward and the san andreas. seismologists at uc berkeley and the usgs found that the magnitude 8.6 quake that hit off the coast of sumatra in april -- large quakes trigger small ones. but that 8.6 shaker triggered several magnitude 6.0 or larger quakes on the west coast. >>> fight or flight? a brand-new study of san francisco crime showing resisting your attackers could land you in the hospital more often than not. bob redell has a look at what's happening to people who stand their ground and try to fight back. >> reporter: these numbers we're about to show you from police show you just how important it is for you to know your surroundings so you can avoid getting mugged here in the city because if you are robbed while out and about in s.f., chances are, you will get hurt regardless of what you
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1